Get Involved

Participation is an important part of having a successful association. The Board of Directors encourages all homeowners to attend board meetings and to participate in the election process as a candidate and a voter.

Social Committee

Members Needed – In an effort to build a strong and safe neighborhood, a social committee has been formed for homeowners in the Forest Knoll Townhome Association. Your participation and ideas are welcome to help keep our neighborhood connected and vital. The goal of the Social Committee is to provide communication and events that bring our neighbors together. Social Committee members are needed – please contact the HOA Board at if you are interested in helping with this committee.

National Night Out

The National Night Out program’s goal is to have residents get together in their neighborhoods. Most have picnics and they register their picnics with the Crime Prevention Unit. While they are at the picnic they “turn their lights on to turn off crime.” During the evening the Mayor, members of the City Council, and McGruff visits as many of the picnics as they can.

If you would like more information on the National Night Out program or would like to assist with the event contact the Crime Prevention Unit or call them at (507)285-8288.

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